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Financial Planning Services

Financial Planning Services

The Following Services will be performed for the Client

  • All the services of an Investment Advisory Services Client.
  • As requested; consultation and recommendations for cash flow strategies.
  • As requested, implementation of cash flow strategies for planned cash flow needs, including cash flow/emergency reserve account(s).
  • Establish and maintain, as requested, non-discretionary investment accounts at selected custodians.
  • Annual allocation review of client's total investment assets.
  • Recommendations, as requested, regarding investment options available in the client's company sponsored retirement plan (e.g. 401 k plan).
  • Consultation, as requested, on investments the client holds, or is considering, that are not under our discretionary management. However, this does not include detailed investment or cash flow analysis of any specific investment opportunity not currently followed by our firm.
  • All our financial planning clients get their own Family Financial Website and online protected vault.
  • Insurance needs analysis, as appropriate and requested, for life, disability, and long-term care protection; recommendations on types of policies, and appropriate coverage.
  • Review and recommendations, as requested, of the client's property and casualty coverage.
  • Review and recommendations, as requested, of the client's personal and investment mortgages, debt refinancing, and loan alternatives.
  • Consultation, as requested, regarding the client's estate planning issues.
  • Consultation, as requested, regarding strategies for philanthropic and multigenerational planning.
  • Consultation, as requested, regarding insurance, tax, investment, estate, and retirement planning strategies with other professionals that serve our clients.

Mr. Lavorgna is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Planners, an international organization that advises multi-generational families.

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