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Why Do You Need Us?

Why Do You Need Us?

We see way too many people making costly mistakes they don’t need to make. We see this in five major areas:

  1. They are not taking the time to make smart decisions with their money.
  2. They are paying more than their fair share in taxes.
  3. They do not have a well-thought-through plan for how they will take care of their heirs.
  4. They have not fully protected their assets from being unjustly taken.
  5. Many of our clients give to charities that they are passionate about. But they haven’t figured out the best strategy to ensure their gifts have the maximum impact both for the charities and their personal finances.

How should people be dealing with each of these key concerns?


The first step is to make an honest assessment of where you are now, where you want to go, and what are the gaps.

Second, we would recommend looking to your existing financial and other advisors in these five areas to make an honest assessment about whether you have the right team in place. Sometimes this may mean you need to bring additional advisors to the table or it could mean you need to change existing advisors to help you reach your goals.

If you are actively considering switching financial advisors or you are just starting out, Forsyth Wealth Management, Inc. will help you assess your situation and advise you appropriately. Through our discovery process we will examine your current relationships and identify possible gaps in the services you are receiving.

We strive to work only with clients for whom we can have a major impact. If our services are not the best fit for you, we will refer you to the appropriate financial professional to meet your needs.

We are committed to providing wealth management through a consultative approach using a defined process whereby each client is asked detailed questions that will allow us to formulate a comprehensive set of approaches.

Mr. Lavorgna is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Planners, an international organization that advises multi-generational families.

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