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Our Wealth Management Formula

Our Wealth Management Formula

What’s your definition of wealth management?

Ask ten investors to define wealth management. Actually ask ten “wealth managers” to do so and you will get ten different answers, and most are likely to be heavily focused on investing.

As a Forsyth Wealth Management client, you benefit from a cutting-edge team that has a clear and comprehensive vision of wealth management.

While investment management builds the foundation of your financial success, the our Advanced Plan looks beyond investments to address other financial concerns that may be critical to you such as:

  • Wealth enhancement – mitigating taxes
  • Wealth transfer – taking care of your loved ones
  • Wealth protection – protecting your assets from being unjustly taken
  • Charitable planning – efficiently leaving the legacy you desire

We have found that most affluent clients want a comprehensive approach to addressing the entirety of their financial lives in tandem with investment management. We are focused on delivering superior wealth management experience. As a firm, our knowledge is vast; however, we are not experts in everything. Therefore, we have built a Professional Network, which is a team of carefully selected professionals, each with a high level of knowledge and skill in these key areas to supplement our knowledge base.

Our Professional Network provides us with the expertise to evaluate all aspects of your financial life and devise appropriate solutions to deliver comprehensive Wealth Management.

Mr. Lavorgna is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Planners, an international organization that advises multi-generational families.

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